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Witchcraft - 7.5 oz Candle

Witchcraft - 7.5 oz Candle

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"There's a little witch in all of us."  — Aunt Jet Owens, “Practical Magic”

Witchcraft smells reminiscent of walking into an eclectic metaphysical shop. Smelling of woodsy cedar and fir, burning incense, and amber.

Scent: Citrus, Cedar, Clove, Patchouli, Incense, Tonka Bean, Evergreen, Cedar, Fir, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk

About our candles:

- 100% soy wax

- Flickering wooden wicks

- Handpoured with love

- Reusable glass jar with gold colored lid

- Net Weight 7.5 oz (212 g)

Candle Care:

- Trim wicks before every use. Trim to 1/4 inch. After the first burn, clip off burned parts of the wick before each use.

- Let burn for 2-4 hours at a time. Do not leave candles unattended especially in areas with drafts or around children or pets.

- Stop burning when there is 1/2 in of wax remaining.

- Soy candles may frost on the top. This occurs naturally and doesn't affect the candle's function or scent.

- Do not leave flame unattended or near drafts or around children.
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