Hello Fall | New & Returning Fall Scents!

Hello Fall | New & Returning Fall Scents!

The air is beginning to cool, the nights are becoming longer, and the leaves are starting to change colors. Fall is nearly here! With a new season comes a ton of fun new smells and personally this is my FAVORITE collection! Fall is my favorite time of year so curating The Dragon's Book Hoard - Fall Collection was super easy. The hardest part was limiting myself so I didn't do twenty new fall scents!

Autumnal Home

Returning and revamped we have Autumnal Home! The company we got the original scent from had a very limited stock so we found a bigger supplier and the scent is nearly identical! We hope you love the sweet pumpkin and warm spices this scent brings.

Blood Magic

This is a spicy warm scent inspired by my favorite blood witch, Coco from Serpent and Dove! Cardamom and peppercorn paired with cream and tonka bean makes this a very well balanced scent.

Ghost Stories

Gather around the fire and prepare for the scare of your life! This scent smells like gooey marshmallows over a warm fire. The scary part is just how good this sweet and smokey scent is! If you enjoyed White Wolf, you may enjoy this since it's a slightly sweeter version of it!

Autumn Court

Our third installment of the seasonal courts is Autumn Court! It smells woodsy and fruity with hints of cedar, crunchy leaves, citrus, and apples. This is what we imaged the Autumn Court would smell like and it is an officially licensed Sarah J Maas item!


Fairest of them All

Mirror mirror on the wall...This scent was inspired by the famous quote from Snow White AND the Greek myth that started the Trojan War! That's right, "Fairest of them all," isn't just from a Disney classic. It also comes from Eres who tossed an apple and said "to the fairest of them all" when she wasn't invited to a wedding. Drama! This scent features juicy apples and green leaves. It is delicious to smell but don't eat it!

Witch's Brew

Returning from last year is our pomegranate and apple cider scent! It is inspired by all the witches brewing up potions for all hallows eve. It is fruity and a bit spicy!


Which scent are you most excited for? Let us know which ones you're hoping to snag! We will also have them for all of our in person shopping events! Shop the full collection here!

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