Handmade Hotspot - In Person Shopping!

Handmade Hotspot - In Person Shopping!

We're excited to announce that The Dragon's Book Hoard candles are now available for in person purchasing! Find our candles and wax melts at Handmade Hotspot in Northwood, Ohio (Toledo area). If you're the type that likes to smell before you buy then this is a great way to do that while also checking out other handmade items.

Handmade Hotspot is a one stop shop for all things locally handmade and unique! From clothing to home decor, we're sure there's something there you'll love. Plus the owner is a big nerd like all of us here in the book hoard! She specially requested something Twilight inspired so we would love to hear your suggestions on the perfect scent profile to encapsulate Forks, Washington!

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Handmade Hotspot
Address: 3401 Woodville Rd, Northwood, OH 43619
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