Celebrating our 1st Anniversary | BIG SURPRISE INSIDE!

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary | BIG SURPRISE INSIDE!


The Dragon's Book Hoard online shop has been alive for 365 days... 52 weeks... 1 full year. It is WILD to think about! I know I've been working on The Dragon's Book Hoard longer than a year but I've been selling my dreams for that long. For a year I've created over 300+ individual candles by myself in my little apartment. Each one thoroughly thought out to smell heavenly. Here is to another year of amazing creations!

With a celebration like this a large gift is in need. Now usually I would be the one to receive a gift BUT this is too big not to give to all of my customers. I don't really like to word customer because it feels less personal, so here is a gift to you... my book family!


I am so happy to announce the product of my DREAMS! Character candles with custom one of a kind art! They are also officially licensed too! To start with we have everyones favorite High Lord and book boyfriend, Ryhsand, along with the beautiful High Lady of the Night Court, Feyre Archeron!



Smells of citrus and sea salt much like he was described in the series. It is very masculine but has a soft sweetness to it.



Smells of ripe pears and light floral lilac. It is an equal balance of fresh and floral but not overwhelmingly light and powdery like some florals can come off.


Night Court


Join Feyre and Rhysand in the Night Court! This candle is similar in notes to Rhysand, but it is lighter, less masculine. It smells of the same sea salt and citrus but it also has jasmine and lilac. We have found this to be a great in between of the High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court.


All of our A Court of Thorns and Roses candles are officially licensed! Our character candles feature artwork by the very talented Anastasia (@). What characters from the ACOTAR series would you like to see next? Are there other book series you'd like to see? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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